Friday, October 12, 2007

From San Diego

As National Coming Out Day was yesterday, it was a perfect day and evening to spend with folks in a living room in the hills of La Jolla talking about the freedom to marry. I was lucky enough to be in San Diego this week working with folks from the SD LGBT Community Center (Delores Jacobs, Kristi Shaw and Caroline Dessert) talking about how we kick Let CA Ring into high gear in SD and build upon the incredible momentum and the good will that has followed since Mayor Sanders' personal epiphany resulting in his vocal and public support for the freedom to marry.

I've had great meetings--breakfast, lunch and dinner--with a wide range of folks from EQCAI Board Members, to former and current ACLU staff to Center volunteers and leaders, as well as speaking at the Center's Public Policy Cmte meeting.

I love San Diego and San Diegans, in particular. I have to tell you, while the stereotype still exists that this town (and County) is conservative and folks (not these folks!) bemoan how hard it is to do progressive organizing here - I don't buy it, nor has it been my experience.

Check out the great press we received for Let CA Ring in San Diego at, and get involved by hosting a house party or get trained to be a speaker. We need you and everyone you know learning how to tell your story and then getting out in the world and telling everyone you know why you support the freedom to marry and helping them find their story and sign on as a supporter.

Happy Coming Out Week!


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Kristi said...

It was wonderful seeing you, Sarah! Thanks for making the trip down to beautiful San Diego :)