Monday, December 10, 2007

We're Well on Our Way

A few months ago we—you and I and countless other allies—launched the largest visibility campaign ever attempted to open hearts and minds about the freedom to marry in California. We started with a simple goal: for supporters like you to have conversations with the people you know.

Having these face-to-face conversations can be the most powerful way to reach the millions of people who still haven’t stood up for the freedom of gay and lesbian couples to marry—simply because they haven't heard from the people behind our fight. That’s why we are committed to making it as easy as possible for people like you to have these history-making conversations.

•Thousands of supporters have bought a Let California Ring “ring of support” to wear on their finger, necklace, or key chain to use as a conversation starter. Get yours here.

•We’re running a television ad that puts viewers in the shoes of so many gay and lesbian couples who are prevented from marrying the person they love. Watch it here.

•Our campaign video, “Let California Ring,” has opened thousands of hearts and minds by sharing the personal stories, heartfelt reflections and inspiring perspectives of LGBT couples, their families, and their friends. Watch it now and send it to your friends.

In a few short months, over 26,000 Californians have pledged their support for the freedom to marry. And though we have a long way to go toward reaching our goal —a California that supports every gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual person’s freedom to marry the person they love—we’re well on our way.

Together, we can keep the momentum going. The first step: if you haven’t already, sign the pledge and say “I do” to having conversations with your friends and family. You can also host a house party or join the MyOneHundred challenge programand commit to having conversations with one hundred people in your personal network. Remember, these conversations are the lynchpin for our campaign, so for those of you already having them, keep it up!

Thanks for all that you’re doing. Each action you take brings us one step closer to a California where everyone is treated with honor, dignity and respect. I feel privileged to be involved with all of you—fighting so fiercely—to give gay and lesbian couples the freedom to marry the person they love. Thanks for reading,

Geoff Kors
Equality California Institute