Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Stories

Is there anything as moving as a love story? Stories about real people who long to live and love—with the support, understanding and celebration of everyone around them. That's what Let California Ring is all about: sharing love stories.

Check out the "Our Stories" section of the website.

Here’s a sample:

I'll Be There…

Dia & Jessica, San Francisco

To look at them together and think, I, too, can have a relationship like that. I can have that strong a love, 'cause man-oh-man, those two are crazy about each other...

You have a story to tell. Is it about realizing your hopes and dreams by getting married? Is it about allowing people the choice, the freedom to get married? Is it about wanting to be treated fairly? Why do you support the freedom to marry?
We want to hear your love story. Tell us your story and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors down the street to do the same.