Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving dinner conversation…

Here we are again, gathering with family and friends for good food and to reflect on the things we’re thankful for. Of course, gathering with family also brings up the reality for many families who can’t easily talk about and share their lives and loves.

This year, I’m particularly grateful for the thousands of passionate people trying to change that reality by joining the Let California Ring campaign – many of whom are planning to have one of those important heart-to-heart conversations this Thanksgiving.

As Sam and Julia Thoron, two PFLAG parents, write:

"Our daughter, Liz, is gay and unlike her brothers, does not have the freedom to marry the love of her life. Our gratitude and our unqualified support of Liz and her partner, Lisa, are not enough to create a world in which they are free to marry. This Thanksgiving we want to give them something more. We want to have them hope and we need your help!

As you reflect on the things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, keep hope in your heart. The one-on-one conversations you have this holiday are one of the most powerful ways to educate people, not just about the rights and benefits of marriage, but also about the freedom.

Liz and Lisa, like so many sons and daughters and their partners across the country, want the freedom to celebrate their love and commitment with the same support, understanding, and acceptance that their brothers and sisters enjoy. Don’t they deserve this?"

I hope that you’ll consider having these important conversations at your next gathering. We’ll provide with your very own Thanksgiving kit. It includes conversation starters, turkey placemats (for the kids at your gathering) and giving thanks cards (with some prompts to talk about thanks and hope). And if you don’t already have our ring, get one and wear it as a sign of your support. We hope you’ll keep it until the day that everyone has the freedom to marry the person they love.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

Geoff Kors
Executive Director

Equality California Institute

Marriage Equality USA new featured partner!

Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) is a special part of the Let California Ring coalition. An all volunteer organization, members of MEUSA continue to push for the freedom to marry all across California.

With an exceptional presence is rural pockets of the state, MEUSA regularly works to stir up media coverage and increase visibility representing the great depth and breath of the California LGBTQI and allied community. In part because of their incredible volunteer Outreach Director leadership system, MEUSA maintains focus on often underrepresented communities and neighborhoods.

Specialized Outreach Directors are centered around: African Americans, straight allies, Asian Pacific Islanders, Bi-National families & Immigration, Children of one or more LGBTI parents, communities of faith, people with disabilities, Latino/as, LGBTI Parents, veterans and the military, Native Americans, seniors, transgender people, employment, and youth.

In addition to MEUSA’s regular series of speaking engagements and annual events,
MEUSA members, volunteer outreach directors and leaders have begun to stand side-by-side with us at Let California Ring house parties. Many MEUSA leaders are setting dates for their own Let California Ring house parties today!

Thank you Marriage Equality USA for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of LGBT families --- all in your “free time” no less!