Friday, October 26, 2007

Sacramento Kickoff!!

What an amazing event!

Standing room only, interactive and enthusiastic guests, and scrumptious snacks! Coalition members included: MEUSA and EQCAI. Staff from EQCA attended including Alice, Ali, Kendra, and me. MEUSA representitives were Lysa and Christine. Lester from the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian center spoke, and board member Bill was also present.

Kendra kicked it all off with a T-shirt auction, which was fun and entertaining. The shirt went for $25. You can purchase these for $27. at We talked about where the campaign came from, where it was going, and how we would get there. Then we looked at a clip that showed everyday Californians talking about the importance of the freedom to marry. "Marriage is in the Heart!" We also took a look at the TV commercial, and talked about how and why we thought it would be very effective.

Then I asked for your Time, Treasure, and Talent. You helped us raise over $2000., schedule 4 new House Parties, and identify 11 people to help with the My100 program! Great Job! Thank you to everyone who helped put on this fantastic kickoff!