Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Becoming a Citizen

Merelin, Los Angeles

After waiting 20 long years, and going through a difficult process, I am finally a U.S. Citizen. It's a huge accomplishment in my family since I'm only the second to become a U.S. citizen. My parents immigrated to this country to give me the opportunity of two things; a college education and protection under the legal rights of citizenship status. So I am truly grateful for being able to fulfill that American dream that most of us immigrants strive for and that few succeed achieving.

As non-citizens, we tend to live in fear and we are limited to certain rights and self-expression just like our LGBT community. So I am excited to finally be able to have that freedom to realize my own hopes and dreams. I look forward to the day when our LGBT community can share that same equal choice of realizing their own hopes and dreams.

We can create change and build a powerful community when we stand together.

Merelin Giron
Straight ally, Let California Ring Field Organizer